Obsessed with visual impact

Carly & Eddie seemed like a very connected couple from the first moment but at the same time very special in themselves. That is why, thanks to the perfectly coordinated times of the wedding planner Amy Abbot Events allowing me, I focused on making individual portraits of them separately before the first look so that the elegance and beauty they were wearing that day could be appreciated. Without a doubt one of the most beautiful places to celebrate your wedding in Cabo San Lucas is the The Cape Hotel, where we could enjoy an unmissable sunset where I could portray their ceremony with the sun falling in the background, being the perfect guest to make this ceremony unique.

To crown, the perfect night, what better than a wedding in Cabo San Lucas where the bridal party lights the atmosphere as if it were the last party of their lives! For that instance of the event, as a wedding photographer, you expect a fair amount of party lights, fireworks, and live entertainers to be able to play around with the aperture of the diaphragm of various lenses to capture different light intensities as well as different planes and angles, and also to be able to change the speed constantly to achieve effects of lights and movement as can be seen in the last photographs.

Really a lot of fun!