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La Cocina De Los Niños is based in Leonardo Gastelum, a colonia just a few miles outside of Cabo San Lucas. The program provides healthy meals to well over 245 kids each day during the school year.

Centros De Desarrollo Para Mujeres (CDM)
Sarahuaro’s Center for the Development of Women (CDM) offers a variety of educational opportunities for women from Los Cabos most impoverished colonias. Courses and training are typically organized into 3-month modules with subjects including; basic life skills, language, literacy, and job training.

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Facts:  29% live in poverty / 6% live in extreme poverty / 18% live in sub-standard housing / 27% require food assistance

Feeding kids

THE KITCHEN Of course funds are always needed to operate La Cocina del Ninos, however specific items make a huge difference to our ability to continuing feeding over 700 children each school day. If you would like to make a direct purchase or ‘in kind’ donation, we would be very grateful.

Our current wish list includes:

• Industrial stove

• Industrial blender

Empowering women and providing daycare

THE LEARNING CENTER We are always in need of funds to operate the Center, however if you would like to make a direct purchase or ‘in kind’ donation, we would be very grateful.

We currently in need of:

• Sewing machines

• Electric saws

• Cotton stuffing (for pillows)

• Fabric and thread

• Craft supplies including wool and needlepoint hoops

Who can help? You!

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