Obsessed with visual impact

Kory & Laci a very adventurous and connected young couple through sudden and improvised decisions such as undertaking an adrenaline change of location after the ceremony in Villa del Palmar, to arrive by boat to the El Medano beach where the Hacienda Cocina y Cantina is located. The logistics came out perfectly had it not been for the photographer who was in charge of rescuing the lost sandal from Kory, the groom! Later at the party, the photos speak for themselves.

Lots of laughs, good times, and tequila shots from a giant bottle were the perfect combination for an unforgettable party! Having low light, or lack of robotic party lights, I had to resort to lenses with a larger aperture to be able to use natural light to the maximum, and thus I could raise the diaphragm speed to freeze unmissable moments like those tequila shots that were all very enthusiastic about trying.

As a wedding photographer, I like fun and relaxed settings where I can have the possibility to portray people naturally and freshly. Managing to transmit in the photographs their special, expensive, and essential personality of each one of them.