Obsessed with visual impact

Veronica & Patrizio’s wedding was special from the first moment since their energy was so intense and positive due to the love they have for each other and surrounded by their happy loved ones, it was the perfect equation for one of the most emotional events that I have had to photograph. The magical context of a dream wedding in any Cabo San Lucas location is given due to its natural beauty and unique charm, but the delivery of this couple was so unique that it was very easy for me to document and freeze those special moments of the eternity of their wedding in Cabo San Lucas, the most popular place to get married in Mexico.

As a wedding photographer, it is important to be able to work hand in hand with professional and excellent workers of the sector, such as the wedding planner Elena Damy, who was in charge of the timeline and decoration of the event, which was essential for everything to be seen perfect in every wedding photograph. One of my favorite moments of this wedding was the sunset for the photos of the couple on the shore of the Esperanza Resorts, where it can appreciate the most beautiful natural wonder of the destination, the arch of Cabo San Lucas, embellished by the sunset lighting it up, one of the most unforgettable experiences for a newly married couple.