Obsessed with visual impact

Few things are more romantic than a trip to los Cabos so when you decide to propose in here I assure it will be unforgettable.

I have been fortunate to capture different types of proposals with musicians, fireworks, decoration on the beach and much more, to even the simplicity of pop up the big question on the beach near at sunset time and culminate with a dinner where the family is present ready to hug and congratulate! Here is a list of ideas / suggestions to consider that will turn this day in one of your most precious lifetime memories:

1 • Coordinate the hour and location with the photographer, I personally like to use time.is and google maps for those. Once you decide this I will be able to help you with details, such as where he or she will be and the direction you should be facing in the moment of the proposal.

2 • During that day bring up the happiest moments you been together, you can also give her a little detail that she values.

3 • Do the photoshoot close to sunset time, this way we will star the service with the proposal then to continue with the couple session.  If you are a nervous person anticipate the moment with a good shot of tequila to relief the stress, only one ok? 

4 • The best location depends on where you are staying at, it doesn’t always has to be the beach in front of your hotel, some times the hotel wants to apply a excessive fee for bring-in an exterior photographer, or the beach simply does not have desert or rocks or something interesting to play with for the photos.  But theres also some hotels that are ok with bringing in an exterior photographer, so is important to know this facts to determinate the location. 

5 • Is very important to confirm with the lobby/security the name of the photographer.

6 • I suggest to make the proposal at the beginning of your trip, this way the nerves will pass soon and you will be able to enjoy the rest of your vacations all happy and engaged.  And of course in case of any weather issue or other circumstances happen you will have more flexibility to change it for the following days.